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Matt Grein Question for a Second Reading 3/28/08 I kind of liked the scatter of the essay. It gave it a picture that was more complex that Heinrich Himmler. Even going past the story of Himmler and to the story of the holocaust and how it related back to her grandfather. Sticking with Himmler’s situation and how the points that were off topic kind of tied back to him. With throwing in little things like talking about a nut and how it is the covering of an egg, the sensitive side of the plant, could be recalled to the Himmler in the next or past paragraph. Like about how
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Unformatted text preview: he learned to cover up his emotions with keeping secrets and learning other peoples secrets to have an upper hand on them. His sensitive side was more vulnerable because he was just a little guy and needed something over them since he didnt have size. Even the story about the tracking missle can relate to Himmler. He could be called a tracking missle himself because he had all of his emotions sealed up within him that he needed to take it out somewhere. It so happened to end up being put off onto the Jews....
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