nutrex - Nutrex Research has created a so called fast...

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Nutrex Research has created a so called fast weight loss pill that is called Lipo 6. The article that we found in a magazine has a picture of a fit woman on one side and the pill on the other and then the woman’s testimonial in the middle. To legitimize the product the company has listed the stores that carry the product on the bottom of the ad. These stores include GNC, Wal Mart, and Rite Aid just to name a few. With stores such as these it shows that the company should be taken seriously because these popular stores are selling their product. The company also added a nice touch with the slogan on the bottle that reads “Accelerated Fat-Loss Formula”. According to the, Lipo 6 has been awarded the Award of Excellence by Body for the Fat Loss Product of the Year for 2005 and 2006. Nutrex Research was created by Jeff McCarrell and Jens Ingenohl. Jeff and Jens have more than 20 years of experience within the industry. They say that their experience will provide the customer with access to some of the “world’s most cutting-edge supplement technology” (Nutrex). The website says that they are not a company that will hype up their products and make false claims, but will provide the consumer with products that are created with experience behind them. A statement that stood out reads, “you will see that the products are in a class by themselves and we will always provide a way to make them even better. GUARANTEED!!!! (Nutrex). My question is are they guaranteeing that the product will be in a class by themselves or are they guaranteeing that they product will make you lose weight. After taking a look at their website and reading the testimonials of people who are using this drug and the people who are behind Nutrex I am not sure that they are qualified to be stating that this pill will definitely work. Neither of these two men are of the
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medical background. In their biographies on the website it does not state where they were educated and what kind of educational background they have. The credit that I would give them is that on their website they do have diet programs laid out by the day that coincide with taking the diet pill. Also Jens one of the creators has started a magazine in Germany called Building Muscle through Science. This gives some kind of hope that
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nutrex - Nutrex Research has created a so called fast...

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