siddatha - 1 Dylan Stawarek RST 101 Father Paul 04/16/2007...

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Dylan Stawarek RST 101 Father Paul 04/16/2007 Role of Religion “Siddhartha” Response Siddhartha a handsome and well respected, son of a Brahmin. Siddhartha lives in ancient India with his father. All the people of the village expect Siddhartha to become a successful Brahmin as did his father. Siddhartha takes pleasure in a somewhat tranquil existence with Govinda his good friend, but really was disgruntled. He carries out all of the religious rituals; Siddhartha follows the steps of religion to what should lead happiness and peace. However, he senses something is just not there. Siddhartha’s father along with other elders have yet to attain enlightenment, and he thinks that if he sticks around with the villagers the questions he has about the nature of his existence will be left unanswered. One day, a group of traveling ascetics named Samanas travel through town. The path of the Samanas is rather different from the one Siddhartha has been taught, and he feels it may offer some of the answers he was looking for. Siddhartha makes a decision to follow this new path. Siddhartha’s father doesn’t want him to follow the Samanas, but he cannot deter Siddhartha. Govinda wants to discover a path to enlightenment, so he follows Siddhartha in his quest. His goal is to uncover enlightenment by eliminating himself, and he effectively relinquishes all the unnecessary joys in the world. Siddhartha is still dissatisfied; the path of self-denial doesn’t provide
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siddatha - 1 Dylan Stawarek RST 101 Father Paul 04/16/2007...

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