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Dylan Stawarek Lacrosse Unit Grade 3 and 4 Rational Of Unit Lacrosse is very important to learn at this point in the student’s lives, it promotes great sportsmanship and great team work skills. As well many people do not know much about lacrosse even though it has been around much long then any other sports out there, and is somewhat a part of North American history. Since lacrosse is not one of the bigger sports many of the students would not have played it in the past, giving all students an equal chance to prove their motor skills and movement patterns. Both New York and National standards stress that students should participate in some strenuous physical activity, which lacrosse
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Unformatted text preview: offers. Even though lacrosse isn’t one of the big sports, it is rising quickly it gives the young children a chance to get involved and try and play or start lacrosse in their community. Since lacrosse is a team game it allows the students to work together and plenty of social interaction. Since lacrosse was first played by the native Indians it allows for some cultural diversity in physical Education atmosphere, combine a little history lesson along with the PE lesson. Lacrosse develops many characteristics that children will need through-out their lives....
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