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NewYorkState - information abilities priorities and...

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New York State Standards Health Standard 2 - Knows environmental and external factors that affect individual and community health. Benchmark: Understands how various messages from the media, technology, and other sources impact health practices. Health Standard 8 - Knows essential concepts about the prevention and control of disease. Benchmark: Understands how lifestyle, pathogens, family history, and other risk factors are related to the cause or prevention of disease and other health problems. Health Standard 7- Knows how to maintain and promote personal health. Benchmarks: Knows personal health strengths and risks; knows how positive health practices and appropriate health care can help to reduce health risks; understands how changing
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Unformatted text preview: information, abilities, priorities, and responsibilities influence personal health goal. Health Standard 10- Understands the fundamental concepts of growth and development. Benchmark: Understands how the human body changes as people age Science Standard 13- Understands the scientific enterprise. Benchmarks: Knows that people of all backgrounds and with diverse interests, talents, qualities, and motivations engage in fields of science and engineering; some of these people work in teams and others work alone, but all communicate extensively with others; Knows that the work of science requires a variety of human abilities, qualities, and habits of mind; Knows ways in which science and society influence one another...
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