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Block Plan Mon. Nov. 5 th Tues. Nov. 6 th Introduction to the lesson of oral health. Assign groups and start lesson. Wed. Nov. 7 th Thurs. Nov. 8 th Groups present the work they have done for there poster. Cover any information left out in passed. Fri. Nov. 9 th Mon. Nov. 12 th Tues. Nov. 13 th Introduction to the clean hands lesson. Assign groups and the work. Wed. Nov. 14 th Thurs. Nov. 15 th Groups present there poster work to the class. Cover any information left out. Fri. Nov. 16 th Mon. Nov. 19 th Tues. Nov. 20 th Introduction to clean face, hair,
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Unformatted text preview: and ears. Assign hand outs and take home questions to be brought to the next class. Wed. Nov. 21 st Thurs. Nov. 22 nd Assign groups for the power point presentation. Six groups all cover one area. Allow class time to work on presentation. Fri. Nov. 23 rd Mon. Nov. 26 th Tues. Nov. 27 th First half of class to work on the project. Second half start presentations. Wed. Nov. 28 th Thurs. Nov. 29 th Continue the presentations. Review any questions students have. Fri. Nov. 30 th...
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