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Background Dylan Stawarek November, 5 th through November, 29 th Grades 6-8 Class size between 20 and 28 The classroom will be set mainly for cooperative activities, such as group work or working in partners. The class room will be set up with three rows of desks each with two desks side by side, and four pairings in each row, with two extra pairings behind the middle two rows. The sitting arrangements will be assigned by me at the start of the year. This allows for easy pairing, and when students do work in pairs or converse
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Unformatted text preview: during class they will not have to scream over other students. This unit is designed to fit into the curriculum as a way to better you physical health. The main goal of this curriculum is to teach students how to maintain good physical, metal, and social health. By teaching the students good personal hygiene students can prevent illnesses, unintentional and even some intentional injury....
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