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Theoretical Framework The contents of this unit are address in every health text pretty much available to middle schools, junior high and senior high schools. The reason being is this is a time where many students undergo to changes of puberty, which can be a scary time for some. So teaching students about personal hygiene during or before the times of change can benefit this students with preventing and giving them knowledge how to treat some things. With the contents of this unit the students will be able to promote proper advocacy, teach other about hygiene, be able to find valid information and prevent using invalid information and protect their physical health. With all the current craze of new diseases, teaching personal hygiene is a great way to control this problem. Now we have illness that have mutated to be stronger then antibiotics since we use them so much. Teaching the basics on how to keep you body
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Unformatted text preview: healthy by keeping it clean is a great way to stop illnesses without using antibiotics. Teaching the students how and when they should clean certain parts of the body and what to use when they clean them. This unit is designed to promote good communication skills as well, with the group and partner orientated work. With the communication skills the students have gain in the classroom; hopefully the students will be able to pass the message to other in to community. After seeing what can come from poor personal hygiene the students should have the thoughts of keeping up their personal hygiene always in the back of their minds. With the group activities the students will be able to discuss and perform the correct steps in order to achieve good personal hygiene which will lead to good personal health, leaving the student health literate....
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