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Subject(s): Health Topic or Unit of Study: Personal Hygiene- Hand cleanliness Grade/Level: 6-8 Overview of Lesson Plan: In this lesson, students will learn about the latest study on routine hand washing practices. They will then research some of the possible communicable diseases that can be transmitted by having lax hygiene. Objective: To have students be able to; 1) Describe the importance of keeping their hands clean. 2) Describe the negative outcomes from not washing their hands 3) Perform the proper techniques for wash their hands, and being able to cut their finger nails. 4) Explain and understand how to prevent hands from becoming dirty. Summary: Discuss the importance of washing your hands and the proper techniques for one to engage in washing your hands. Also how it is important to wash when ever hands become soiled. IMPLEMENTATION Learning Context: The entire unit is directed toward personal hygiene and cleanliness. I am starting with oral hygiene since it is furthest up the body, and I will work my way down. Such as hands, then to a whole body clean. Procedure: 1. WARM-UP/DO-NOW: After students have been seated, conduct an informal poll using the following questions and record the number of responses to each on the board: “After which of the following activities do you typically wash your hands: -petting a cat or dog -using public transportation -handling money -preparing food -blowing your nose -sneezing -shaking hands with someone?” Explain how dirty your hands can get from just doing these simple everyday tasks.
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2. That is why it is so important to wash them every time they become soiled. Explain the proper way of cleaning the hands, by giving the student foam to practice with. Show the diagrams of how to correctly wash your hands. Have student practice cleaning their hands
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cleanHands - Subject(s): Health Topic or Unit of Study:...

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