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Zwarun, COMM 3310, Fall 2007 HOMEWORK 5—Chapter 7—Media in the Courtroom 1. What balancing test must the courts consider with respect to media coverage of trials? Be specific about what the two rights are that conflict and how. 2. Name some of the advantages of media coverage of legal proceedings. 3. What is the three part test to justify a gag order? 4. What was the significance of the Lindbergh trial?
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Unformatted text preview: 5. What was the main idea expressed in the Warren Commission report? What does the word “contemporaneously” mean (p.256)? 6. What were the two positive results of the ABA standards? 7. What big decision was made in 1981? 8. In general, how would you describe what the ruling in the Branzburg case tells us about journalists’ rights to protect sources?...
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