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log 7 - our dependency on Middle East supplies and give of...

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Ross Palmer 810-69-9737 Log 7 4/23/2008 Exxon Plan is Rejected in Alaska Exxon Mobil Corp's latest plans to develop and drill the Point Thomas oil field have been stopped by Alaskan officials. The proposed plan would produce an oil field that produces more oil than any other project under Exxon's control. There are no pipe lines attaching the wilderness of Point Thomas to the United States. This lead Alaskan officials to question the viability of the proposed plan. One official was quoted in saying, “In light of the history, we can't be convinced they will follow through on the project they are proposing.” The decision has sparked a large a legal debate. Exxon officially announced it's disappointment and plans to appeal the decision in court. There is always a large debate in my mind concerning oil and Alaska. On one side, we are completely addicted to oil and are rapidly running out of supplies. Plans like this would free up some of
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Unformatted text preview: our dependency on Middle East supplies and give of moderate security in the future. On the other hand, drilling in Alaska is extremely detrimental to the Alaskan environment and does nothing to move towards sustainable energy. I definitely side with the Alaskan officials in this case, although. This demonstrates their attempt to ride the middle road. While they are interested in tapping the huge amount of oil deposits, they are making sure they do this without permanently damaging anything. The rejection of this deal was mainly on the basis that Exxon is pushing things to fast and stepping over important boundaries. The Alaskan officials are taking control and not allowing monetary values to override the externalities that result. Gold, Russell. (2008, April 23). Exxon Plan is Rejected in Alaska. The Wall Street Journal p. B3...
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