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Palmer 1 Ross Palmer Geog 1982 UN Project Luxembourg Disarmament Overview The UN is pursuing disarmament in many different sectors. The efforts for disarmament are mostly run through their Office of Disarmament Affairs. The GA First Committee, the Disarmament Committee, and Conference for Disarmament also all play a key role in disarmament. Disarmament involves the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons but also includes the disarmament of conventional weapons. Weapons of Mass Destruction Nuclear non-proliferation is of utmost importance to disarmament. Also, the UN has worked to ban further nuclear testing and nuclear missiles in space. They are currently working to get member nations to cut back on their nuclear arsenal. Chemical weapons of any kind are banned outright and all official chemical weapons facilities are now inactive. All biological weapons are also banned. Conventional Arms The UN now considers small weapons as “weapons of mass destruction” because of the large amount of deaths they cause. Considering the majority of small weapon sales are illegal and unknown, the UN hopes to take greater control of small weapon's trade. The UN also keeps track of military
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Palmer 2 expenditures and sizes through expenditure reporting and the Register of Conventional Arms. Also, the UN involves itself in disarmament of States after civil or internal unrest. This mostly applies to the disarmament of rebel forces. An ongoing debate has also risen out of the use of anti-personal land mines. A select group of UN members is working actively to ban the use of anti-personal mines.
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luxembourg - Palmer 1 Ross Palmer Geog 1982 UN Project...

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