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aAssigment 5 part2

aAssigment 5 part2 - AFLAC INSURANCE CORP Defendant TO...

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Smith and Smith 123 Main Street Matawan, New Jersey 07102 (732) 547-2341 __________________________________ SUPERIOR COURT OF NEW JERSEY KEVIN BLACKBEARD, LAW DIVISION WARREN COUNTY Plaintiff, DOCKET NO. L-20071029 v. Civil Action STATE OF NEW JERSEY AND DEMAND FOR DOCUMENTS ELIZABETH PEEK AND REFERED TO IN PLEADINGS ACE HONDA AND,
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Unformatted text preview: AFLAC INSURANCE CORP Defendant. ___________________________________ TO: Jones and Associates 10 James Way Holdmel, NJ 07836 Attorneys for Plaintiff SIR: PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that pursuant to R . 4;18-2, defendant hereby demands that plaintiff produce, within five days after service of this Demand, all documents refered to in plaintiff’s Complaint in this matter, including but not limited to all documents to which plaintiff has referred in paragraphs 1 and 2 of the Complaint under the heading “THIRD COUNT”. SMITH AND SMITH Attorneys for Defendand Aflac Insurance Corp. By:_______________________ JOHN SMITH, Esq. Dated: November 1, 2007...
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