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Criminal Assign 2 part 1

Criminal Assign 2 part 1 - such date as the court assigns...

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Smith and Smith 123 Main Street Matawan, New Jersey 07102 (732) 547-2341 Attorneys for defendant __________________________________ SUPERIOR COURT OF NEW JERSEY STATE OF NEW JERSEY, LAW DIVISION MONMOUTH COUNTY Plaintiff, DOCKET NO. L-20071029 v. CRIMINAL ACTION HARRY GOTHALL Defendant. __________________________________ NOTICE OF MOTION TO SUPRESS TO: Luis A. Valentin 1 Monument Park Freehold, NJ 07836 Attorneys for Plaintiff PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that the undersigned attorneys for the defendant will move before the Honorable Ira Kreizman, at the Monmouth County Superior Court, upon such date as the court assigns, or soon thereafter as counsel may be heard. For an Order
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Unformatted text preview: such date as the court assigns, or soon thereafter as counsel may be heard. For an Order pursuant to R . 3:5-7(a) suppression all evidence obtained during and a result of the warrentless, illegal and unconstitutional procedures utilized and conducted by Charlie Smartz in (1) searching the defendant’s home, as well as all fruits of such illegal and unconstitutional conduct. PLEASE TAKE FURTHER NOTICE that defendant will rely on his brief which will be submitted after the State had submitted its brief and within three(3) days prior to the date of the hearing, or as ordered by the Court pursuant to R 3:507(b). A trial date has been set for _________. Defendant hereby requests a hearing on the motion. A proposed form of the Order is attached. Attorneys for Defendant ___________________ James Smith, Esq....
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