Legal Writing Midterm

Legal Writing Midterm - MEMORANDUM TO John Robb Esq FROM...

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MEMORANDUM TO: John Robb, Esq. FROM: Joshua Kleinman RE: Greg Anirene v Club Concussions SUBJECT: Legal Memo ISSUE Should Club Concussion be held responsible for the intentional acts of a third party even though the altercation happened in the parking lot? ANSWER Yes. The bar is liable for the violent act; they had a duty to protect its patrons even in the parking because its a foreseeable event. STATEMENT OF FACTS On May 30, 1999 Greg Anirene was at Club Concussions. He started to drink heavily and at some point he became heavily intoxicated. He walked up to a young woman, standing next to a man who was her boyfriend, and asked her to dance. When she turned Mr. Anirene down, he grabbed her by the wrist and pulled her onto the dance
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floor. In an effort to be nice, the woman began to dance with Mr. Anirene. After a few minutes, the boyfriend went onto the dance floor and told Mr. Anirene to get away from his girlfriend. The two began to exchange a few choice of words, and it looked like a fight was about to start. At that point, two of Mr. Anirene’s friends grabbed him and escorted him to the parking lot. They also told him it would be better if he did not go back in the bar. Mr. Anirene did not leave the parking lot because all his friends were still in the bar. He realized that he was too drunk to even think about driving so he decided to wait for his friends to leave the bar so that he could hitch a ride from one of them. While he was waiting for the bar to close, he felt someone tap him on the shoulder. As Mr. Anirene turned around to see who it was he saw a giant fist coming straight for his head. Mr. Anirene tried to duck but the punch caught him flush across the jaw. Mr. Anirene fell to
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Legal Writing Midterm - MEMORANDUM TO John Robb Esq FROM...

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