Wills Assignment - Joshua Kleinman Estates, Wills and...

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Joshua Kleinman Estates, Wills and Trusts Homework Will Clauses Exordium and Publication Clause This is the first and foremost of all of the clauses. It is the first paragraph to the will and has absolutely an indefinite amount of information that it can contain, however, the only thing that NEEDS to be in this clause is the identification of the testator. Other information that may be contained in this clause are; the domicile and address of the testator, the testator declaring to be within mental capacity to form and understand this will, declaration that this is to be in fact the testators’ last will and testament, and a list of beneficiaries of the will in a manner that would be in order to the arguments made within the will. EX. “I, Joshua Kleinman of the State of New Jersey, residing and domiciled at 231 Navajo Court in the town of Morganville hereby declare this document to be my Last Will and Testament. I also now revoke any previous wills or codicils. I make these above statements being above the age of eighteen years, of sound mind and freely without any undue influence.” Appointment of a Personal Representative This clause does as it’s named; it appoints a personal representative, whom is charged with dealing the testators entire estate or if noted in the will, co-charged. The personal representative is usually name executor/executrix. They have the duty to follow the requests made by the testator in the event of his/her death. Also, the
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Wills Assignment - Joshua Kleinman Estates, Wills and...

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