James and Paul in Dialogue

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FAITH AND WORKS IN PAUL AND JAMES Martin Luther called James “An epistle of straw” because of its emphasis on “works.” Was Luther correct? Does James contradict Paul? James Paul Faith = Holding correct ideas about God Faith= Entrusting one’s whole self to the covenant relationship with God James Paul Works = Ethical deeds, specifically Has two meanings for “works.” acts of compassion and hospitality Negative: “works of the law” means acts done to earn a relationship with God. Positive: the way people who belong to God behave: “faith working through love”- Gal 5:6a
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Unformatted text preview: James Paul Ethical deeds = “works” that a Christian must Ethical deeds = "fruit” that is demonstrate in addition to “faith” or belief present in a Christian’s life because of the indwelling Christ/Holy Spirit James Paul Abraham is an example of a person whose faith Abraham is an example of a person (belief) was completed by his works (obedience). who exhibited faith (trust) in God That is why God accepted him into a covenant and God accepted him into relationship . relationship with God before he did anything obedient....
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