persian and hellenistic

persian and hellenistic - After the conflicts following the...

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STUDY GUIDE Cultural Contexts: The Persian and Hellenistic Periods New Oxford Annotated Bible, Third edition, Essays 514-519 The Persian Period (539-333 BCE) Review: _______________________What country finally destroyed Judah in 586 BC? _______________________Who was the ruler? ________________________What ruler conquered Babylon in 539 BC? ________________________What kingdom did he rule? The Jews who left Babylon and returned to Judah were a. The majority, leaving few Jews in Babylon b. A small minority, leaving a large and significant community in Babylon. Define “diaspora.” __________________Persian name for the province of Judah. ____________________Descendant of the Davidic royal family wo was a leader among the returned exiles. T F Almost no Jewish literature was written during the Persian period. The Hellenistic Period (333-63 BCE) _____________ of _________________Father of Alexander the Great ________________________________Conqueror of Asia Minor, Phoenicia, Palestine, Egypt and the rest of the Persian Empire.
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Unformatted text preview: After the conflicts following the death of Alexander, Palestine was controlled by the _________________Dynasty, located in the country of ____________________________ The Seleucids, who took over the control of Judah from the Ptolemies were religiously and culturally a. more tolerant than the Ptolemies 1 b. less tolerant than the Ptolemies. What happened around 169 – 68 that provoked the first Jewish Revolt? _________________________________The family name of those who led the revolt. Our knowledge of the literature of this time has been greatly increased by the discovery of ____________________________at _________________________. Issues of religious controversy in the period of Hasmonean rule: 1.________________- and ___________________________---central institutions for Judaism 2.Whether to use the ________________ or the _________________calendar. The__________________ _________________________was strongly influenced by apocalyptic ideas. 2...
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persian and hellenistic - After the conflicts following the...

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