BIOGRAPHY (2) - Attempts to capture the essence of the...

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1 DIFFERENCES: ANCIENT AND MODERN BIOGRAPHIES Modern biographies Ancient biographies Usually attempt some level of "objectivity" Usually function as about the subject propaganda for subject or as a guide to the formation of a group of followers. May be written about any sort of person. Written only about "great" people, especially rulers and founders Intended to be informational Intended to be instructive Prose narrative Biography was a relatively new genre in 1st century. Could be in prose, dialog, sayings, etc. Usually covers entire life of subject if enough Might include only a portion is known of a person's life or only the person's teachings. Attempts to give interesting details about person
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Unformatted text preview: Attempts to capture the essence of the person Audience: Reading public Audience: often the followers of the founder When the ancient biography was about a teacher, it was essential to show that the teacher's actions and the teacher's words formed a coherent whole--"practice what you preach." When the subject of the biography was the founder of a philosophical school the biography would sometimes include a narrative about the successors of the founder. *********************************************************************** * Myth of the immortals Descending/ascending (Asklepios, Heracles, etc.) redeemer/revealer 2 CANONICAL CHRISTOLOGICAL ORTHODOXY...
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BIOGRAPHY (2) - Attempts to capture the essence of the...

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