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Hellenism handout - Greek Culture influenced East Greek...

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The Greco-Roman World and the Rise of Christianity History and Worldview Rome and Greece 753 - (Legendary) founding of Rome 509 - Republic replaces kingship 492-79 Greeks resist Persian invasions 434-404 Athens vs. Sparta (Peloponnesian Wars) 338 Macedonians “unite” Greece Hellenization of the Mediterranean World Alexander the Great (reigned 336-323 BCE) conquered the known world east of Greece. Greek became the language of the Mediterranean world Hellenism influenced all conquered cultures. Results of Alexander’s Conquests Koine (common) Greek spoken everywhere City-state government replaced by empire Eastern culture influenced Greeks Greek culture influenced the East City-states Replaced by Empire Loss of religious confidence People uprooted, urbanization Economic instability Eastern Culture Influenced Greeks Ruler cult adapted from Persia and Egypt Eastern religious cults adapted by Greeks, later Romans
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Unformatted text preview: Greek Culture influenced East Greek gods assimilated with local gods Greek philosophy pervaded all cultures Religious Questions of Hellenistic People How can I gain true knowledge of the divine realm? How can I be guaranteed a blessed life after death? How can I cope with my troubles? Knowledge of Divine Realm and Life after Death Descending/ascending Revealer (Gnosticism) Mystery Religions Help with ones troubles Asclepius - healing for illness 1 Magic - gods and powers forced to do your will Astrology and oracles Philosophy Christians Answer the Questions Knowledge of the one true God revealed by Jesus, the descending/ascending divine revealer. Jesus death provides cleansing from sins. Jesus prepares a place in the Fathers house for those who believe. Jesus heals and helps those who pray in his name. 2...
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Hellenism handout - Greek Culture influenced East Greek...

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