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STUDY GUIDE New Oxford Annotated Bible, Third edition Judges Introduction to Judges : HB 353 – 54 Are the “judges” like officials today who hold that title? What is the role of the “judges”? What is the purpose of Judges, according to the introduction? Judges 1 reports that not all of the Canaanites were driven out of the land. In 2:1-5 the consequences of this are stated. What are they? Judges 2:6-10 echoes the end of the book of Joshua and tells what happened after the death of the eyewitnesses to the conquest. What happened? Judges 2:11 – 24 sets the pattern for the story of each judge whose leadership is narrated. What are the stages of this cycle? 1.Israel practices idolatry. 2. 3. 4. 5. Israel practices idolatry. Judges 3:7 – 16:31. Note carefully what the Introduction calls “the moral deterioration taking place throughout the period of the judges,” illustrated by “the characterization of the women of the book” (HB 354). You will be required to identify the major characters
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