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INSTRUCTIONS FOR MAP COMPLETION AND TESTING Sharyn Dowd, Department of Religion, Baylor University Step 1: Preparation. Print out two blank copies of each of the maps for which you are responsible. You should complete one of them and leave the other blank for self-testing in preparation for the in-class test on this material. The rules for placement of labels are as follows: 1. Bodies of Water: write the label over the body of water itself. For rivers, draw a line from your label to the river. 2. Countries, Regions, Provinces, Islands: write the label over the land area it designates. It is not necessary to draw boundary lines. If your label is within the area so designated by the atlas, it will be counted as correct on the test. If the island is too small to write the label on it, draw a line from the island to your label. 3. Cities, sites, mountains: Draw a line from the dot or cross to your label. There must be a line connecting your label with the dot or cross. Ambiguous labels will be
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Unformatted text preview: counted as incorrect on the test. 4. When you have completed one map, use the list of locations to test whether you can locate all the places correctly. Check your answers by referring to your completed map. Step 2: Test-taking. At the time of the test you will receive a blank map exactly like the ones you have used to study. It will have the dots and crosses on it but no labels. You will also receive a list of locations to locate and label on the map. However, the designations “region,” “country,” etc. will not be given. You are expected to learn which terms refer to countries, which to islands, which to regions, etc. Since the correct spelling of the places to locate will be provided on your test paper, a misspelled label will be counted completely wrong. All you have to do is copy the spelling on your paper. You may or may not be given all the places to locate. You may be asked to locate only a few places but you must know all of them....
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