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palestine locations

palestine locations - Cities Bodies of water Damascus Lake...

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ROMAN PALESTINE You will need to consult both MAP 12 and MAP 13 in the New Oxford Annotated Bible, 3 rd edition. For cities and small lakes, circle the dot and draw a line from the circle to your label. For larger bodies of water, write the label over the item being identified. For areas and territories, write the label in the correct area. There is no need to draw boundaries, but if your label is out of the proper area, it will be incorrect. For rivers, draw a line connecting your label to the river. All ambiguous labels will be counted incorrect.
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Unformatted text preview: Cities: Bodies of water: Damascus Lake Semichonitis Sidon Sea of Galilee Tyre Mediterranean Sea Caesarea Philippi (Danos) Dead Sea Bethsaida Capernaum River: Gennesaret Jordan Magdala Tiberias (Map 13) Areas, territories: Gadara (the one near the Sea of Galilee) Nabatean Kingdom Geresa Idumea Sepphoris Judea Nazareth Samaria Caesarea Decapolis Joppa Perea Jamnia Galilee Jericho Tetrarchy of Philip Qumran (Map 13) Emmaus Jerusalem Bethany Bethlehem Hebron Masada...
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  • Spring '08
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  • dead sea, Nabatean Kingdom Idumea Judea Samaria Decapolis Perea Galilee Tetrarchy, Decapolis Perea Galilee, Galilee Mediterranean Sea

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