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STUDY GUIDE Introduction to Paul and His Letters Paul was introduced in Acts. In the speeches the author of Acts has Paul make, we get some information about his life: Look at Acts 22, Acts 7:54 – 8:3. He was born in _____________, which is a city in the province of ______________. He studied with the teacher __________________in the city of ________________(“this city”---where is Paul when he makes this speech?) He was present when the Hellenistic Jewish believer in Jesus named ______________was executed for his verbal attack against the Temple. He persecuted the believers in Jesus in Jerusalem by (information from Acts 22 and Acts 8:3): He was on the way to the city of ___________________with authorization from Jerusalem to punish Jewish believers there, when what happened? After being taken to a house in the city, Paul was visited by a man named ______________. After that he could see again and was baptized. From what you have read in Acts earlier, finish the rest of Paul’s life: __________________vouched for him to the apostles in Jerusalem, even though they were afraid of him. __________________brought him to Antioch in Syria to help out there. He and __________________were set apart by the Antioch church for missionary work. They went to the island of ______________and to cities on the coast of Asia Minor as
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paul's life + letters (2) - 1 STUDY GUIDE Introduction to...

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