sg Mark - 1 STUDY GUIDE GOSPEL OF MARK Read the...

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STUDY GUIDE GOSPEL OF MARK Read the Introduction to the Gospels (NT 3-6). The English word “gospel” (Gk euangelion ) means ______________________, and refers either to the act of _______________________, or its_____________. _______________________________________The birth of what Roman emperor was “the beginning of “gospels” according to an inscription from 9 BCE? Codex: book made by binding individual sheets together at the left-hand margin. What we call a “book” today. In ancient times, which was regarded as more sophisticated, a codex or a scroll? _______________the common language of residents of the Mediterranean in the 1 st century AD. _______________The likely native language of Jesus and his followers. Most Old Testament (Hebrew Bible) citations in the New Testament come from: a. the Hebrew original b. the Septuagint The Synoptic Gospels are: 1 2 3 The word “synoptic” means _______________________________________. Here is a diagram of the theory of relationships among the synoptic gospels explained by Perkins on the top of page NT5: Mark Q Matthew Luke Draw arrows indicating which documents were sources for the others. Read the Introduction to Mark, NT 56-57. According to the author, Richard Horsley, Mark is a story of _________________. Mark is often thought to have been composed just prior to ___________________________________. 1
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Here is an outline of Mark: MARK Prelude : 1:1-13 John, baptism, temptation Galilean ministry : 1:14-8:26 Calling disciples (1:14-20) Jesus’ authority over sickness and evil (1:21-45) Jesus’ authority to reinterpret Scripture (2:1-3:6) Appointing disciples and accusation of demon possession (3:7-35) Words of the Kingdom: Parables (4:1-34) Deeds of the Kingdom: Miracles (4:35-5:43) Rejection at Nazareth, sending disciples, John beheaded, disciples return(6:1-32) Feeding 5,000 (Jews), walking on water, healings (6:33-56) Controversy over clean/unclean (7:1-23) Syrophoenician woman, man unable to hear or speak (7:24-37) Feeding 4,000 (Gentiles) (8:1-21) Blind man at Bethsaida (8:22-26) Journey to Jerusalem: 8:27-10:52 Peter's confession, 3 passion predictions transfiguration, request of James + John, ransom saying Blind Bartimaeus (10:46-52) Jerusalem ministry : 11-13 Entry, Temple incident, Controversies eschatological discourse Passion narrative : 14-15 Postlude: empty tomb - 16:1-8 Read – Prelude – Mark 1:1-13, Exodus 23:20, Malachi 3:1 and 4:5-6, Isaiah 40:1-5, Psalm 2 (with annotations) _____________________________What is the translation of the Hebrew word for Christ? _____________________________What does the word mean, both in Hebrew and Greek? _____________________________According to Psalm 2 (as well as 2 Sam 7:14), who is designated God’s “anointed” (Christ) and “son of God”? _____________________________The use of Exodus and Isaiah together show that the
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sg Mark - 1 STUDY GUIDE GOSPEL OF MARK Read the...

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