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The source f05 - Extra credit Read and write a reflection paper on portions of The Source by James Michener ON RESERVE IN MOODY LIBRARY The

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Extra credit: Read and write a reflection paper on portions of The Source by James Michener. ON RESERVE IN MOODY LIBRARY. The location of the story is a fictional archaeological site: Makor. Things that happened at a lot of other places are all told as though they happened at Makor. This is a very thick novel and not all of it is related to the Bible. It covers the history of the Holy Land and the Jewish people from prehistoric times to the early 1960s. Choose which sections you want to read and report on. Each paper should be printed out single-spaced and turned in in class. KEEP A COPY ON DISK!! 1. To understand the book you will have to read the material prior to “The Bee Keeper” first. It is not necessary to report on these pages. After reading this introductory material you may choose any of the following sections: 20 points - Level XIV – Of Death and Life – 97 – 139 in the hardback copy on reserve, 113-139 in the paperback edition. This section will help you understand why the fertility
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