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Outline of John (2)

Outline of John (2) - Outline of John 1:1-18...

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Outline of John 1:1-18 Prologue (probably based on an early Christian hymn) Jesus interpreted in categories derived from wisdom myth 1:19-2:11 Narrative unit organized as a week of seven days Day one (1:19-28) John the Baptist preaching Day two (1:29-34) John bears witness to Jesus (Lamb of God – 1:29) Day three (1:35-39) Two disciples of John follow Jesus (Lamb of God – 1:36) Day four (1:40-42) Andrew brings his brother Simon Day five (1:43-51) Philip and Nathanael Day six Implied by 2:1, “on the third day” Day seven (2:1-11) Wedding at Cana 2:12-11:57 Unit of seven parts showing Jesus’ relationship to various aspects of religious life 1. 2:12-3:32 Jesus and the Temple 2. 3:22-4:3 Jesus and Baptism 3. 4:4-54 Jesus and Worship 4. Ch 5 Jesus and Healing 5. Ch 6 Jesus and Passover 6. Chs 7-9 Jesus and the Feast of the Tabernacles (Booths) 7. Chs 10-11 Jesus and the Feast of Dedication 12:1-20:31 Unit organized as a week of seven days Mon (12:1-11) Anointing at Bethany
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