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Matthew study guide - 1 STUDY GUIDE GOSPEL OF MATTHEW Read...

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STUDY GUIDE GOSPEL OF MATTHEW Read Introduction to Matthew (NT 7-8). The author of the introduction, J. Andrew Overman, explains that the traditions about Jesus and the Pharisees were used by the author of Matthew to emphasize the differences between believers in Jesus and followers of the Pharisees in the time of Matthew (late first century C.E.). When Jewish groups (like the Jews that believed in Jesus as the Messiah and the Jews that didn’t) disagreed with each other, name-calling was common on both sides. T F Just because the opponents of Jesus (and the Matthean community) are villains in the Gospel of Matthew, this does not mean that 21 st century Jews should be blamed for Jesus’ death. According to the source theory described in the introduction and explained in class, Matthew had two major sources in common with Luke. They were: 1. 2. OUTLINE OF MATTHEW Follow this outline as you read the Gospel. Prelude : 1:1 – 4:11: genealogy, birth, preaching of John the baptizer, Jesus’ baptism and temptation, PROMISE OF PRESENCE (“They shall name him Emmanuel, which means, ‘God is with us’”). Galilean ministry: 4:12 – 16:12 Beginning of ministry: 4:12 – 25 Discourse: Sermon on the Mount, chapters 5-7 (section marker at 7:28) Narrative: miracles, chapters 8-9 Discourse: mission instructions, chapter 10 (section marker at 11:1) Narrative: John’s question, controversies with religious leaders, chapters 11-12 Discourse: parables, 13:1-52 (section marker at 13:53) Narrative: 13:53 – 17:27 rejection at Nazareth, healings and feeding miracles, Journey to Jerusalem: 16:13 – 20:34 Peter’s confession, passion predictions, transfiguration Discourse: instructions for life in community, chapter 18 (section marker at 19:1) Narrative: blessing children, rich young man, laborers in vineyard, passion prediction, request by mother of James and John, ransom saying, healing 2 blind men. Jerusalem ministry
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Matthew study guide - 1 STUDY GUIDE GOSPEL OF MATTHEW Read...

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