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spring 2008-1 - 1 RELIGION 1310 CHRISTIAN SCRIPTURES...

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RELIGION 1310 – CHRISTIAN SCRIPTURES Section 09 - 8:00 a.m. – 9:20 a.m. TR - Tidwell 201 Professor: Dr. Sharyn Dowd, Tidwell B16, 710-6324 Office hours by appointment . Call or email: [email protected] Graduate student assistant: Mr. Cliff Barbarick. Email: [email protected] Purpose: This course is designed to introduce students to the Christian Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments. Emphases: Learning the Biblical story of the relationship between God and the people of God. Following the major themes through the Biblical story. Learning how to evaluate and apply some of the issues about the interpretation of Scripture. Learning about the basic geography of the world in which the biblical story took place. Learning enough about the cultures of the ancient Mediterranean world to assist in understanding Scripture. Textbook: The New Oxford Annotated Bible , Third edition, New Revised Standard Version with the Apocrypha is required for every student. No other Bible is acceptable. The reason for this is that you will be tested on the essays, introductions and notes in this particular Bible. No other Bible will give you the same material. You must bring the required Bible to class every day. Electronic resources: This is a Blackboard course. Blackboard is a course website program that enables me to post course announcements, assignments, handouts, and other documents for your use. You are responsible for checking Blackboard at least once a day. I will send you important messages by email. I will use your Baylor email address and you are responsible for checking the inbox at that address once a day. Electronic reserve. I will let you know if I put some items on electronic reserve. DIFFICULTY with electronic resources IS NOT AN EXCUSE for failure to complete assignments on time. If you cannot access Blackboard from home, or if you cannot open a file, it is up to you to consult the HELP line (710-4357), or to go to the library or a computer lab and get assistance. Obviously, this is impossible at 4 a.m., so start working on the assignment several days before it is due. Requirements: Attendance will be taken at each class meeting beginning Thursday, August 31. Baylor University policy is that no student may be allowed to pass a course in which the student has been absent for more than 25% of the class meetings. . This course meets 29 times; thus, a student must receive an F, no matter what the academic performance, if that student has been absent for more than eight (8) class periods, including absences for illness, death in the family, and University-sponsored events. To encourage attendance, at the end of the semester, each student who has missed no more than two 1
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(2) classes in REL 1310 will have five (5) points added to the grade before the grades are recorded. This applies to all absences, no matter what the reason. “Present” means present from the beginning to the end of the class. If you come in after the roll has passed
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spring 2008-1 - 1 RELIGION 1310 CHRISTIAN SCRIPTURES...

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