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Fall of Israel and Judah

Fall of Israel and Judah - 1 STUDY GUIDE 2 Kings 16-17 and...

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STUDY GUIDE – 2 Kings 16-17 and 18-21; Jeremiah Before you begin reading the chapters in the Bible, turn to pages 530-531 in the Essays section at the end of the Bible and look at the lists of rulers. Locate the ones you have already read about: Saul, David, Solomon Judah Israel Rehoboam Jereboam I ****************************** *********** Ahab (married to Jezebel) Ahaziah Ahaziah Jehoram (Joram) ************* Jehu Jehoash (Joash) Jehoahaz Amaziah Jehoash (Joash) Azariah (Uzziah) Jereboam II ******************************** We have skipped a lot of kings on both sides. Now you are about to read about the treaty between Judah and Assyria and about the Assyrian conquest of (1) Aram (Syria, capital at Damascus) and (2) Israel (capital at Samaria). Look on page 530 at the list of Assyrian and Babylonian rulers. Write the names on the study guide and notice when they come up in the reading. 2 Kings 16 Characters: King of Judah________________ King of Israel________________ King of Aram (Syria)_________________ King of Assyria______________________ The alliance with Assyria prevents Judah from being conquered by Assyria, but the king of Judah makes changes in Judah’s worship to please the king of Assyria. 2 Kings 17 : Fall of Israel to Assyria King of Israel_________________________ King of Assyria_______________________ According to this account, what is the origin of the Samaritans? 2 Kings 18-20 Hezekiah, king of Judah The birth of Hezekiah was predicted by Isaiah in Isaiah 7. Read Isaiah 7:1-13. Here Isaiah tells Ahaz that during Hezekiah’s childhood Assyria will destroy Syria (Damascus) and Israel (Samaria). But Hezekiah would abandon the compromises of his father Ahaz 1
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And return the people completely to the LORD. Thus, Hezekiah would have a symbolic name meaning “God is with us.” Notice the formula for a good king in 2 Kings 18:3. Look at the annotation to see the meaning of the things that Hezekiah did to reform worship.
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Fall of Israel and Judah - 1 STUDY GUIDE 2 Kings 16-17 and...

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