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Household Codes - 1 Household Codes Classical Expressions...

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Household Codes Classical Expressions of the topos “Concerning Household Management” Plato, The Republic Each one must perform one social service in the state for which his nature was best adapted. Yes, we said that. And again that to do one’s own business and not to be a busybody is justice…. If we were required to decide what it is whose indwelling presence will contribute most to making our city good, it would be a difficult decision whether it was the unanimity of rulers and ruled, or the conservation in the minds of the soldiers of the convictions produced by law as to what things are or are not to be feared, or the watchful intelligence that resides in the guardians, or whether this is the chief cause of it goodness, the principle embodied in child, woman, slave, free, artisan, ruler, and ruled, that each performed his one task as one man and was not a versatile busybody. (IV 433A, C-d) Aristotle, Politics Now that it is clear what are the component parts of the state, we have first of all to discuss household management; for every state is composed of households. Household management falls into departments corresponding to the parts of which the household in its turn is composed; and the household in its perfect form consists of slaves and freemen . The investigation of everything should begin with its smallest parts, and the primary and smallest parts of the household are master and slave, husband and wife, father and children; we ought to therefore examine the proper constitution and character of each of these three relationships, I mean that of mastership, that of marriage…, and thirdly the progenitive relationship…1.1253b.1-14 And it is clear that the rule of the soul over the body, and of the mind and the rational element over the passionate, is natural and expedient; whereas the equality of the two or the rule of the inferior is always hurtful. The same hold good of animals in relation to men; for tame animals have a better nature than wild, and all tame animals are better off when they are ruled by man; for then they are preserved. Again, the male is by nature superior, and the female inferior; and the one rules, and the other is ruled; this
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Household Codes - 1 Household Codes Classical Expressions...

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