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roman period - pagans in the Roman Empire T F All Diaspora...

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STUDY GUIDE The Roman Period – Essays 519-525 Read the whole essay and answer the questions as you come to them. ________________________Who was the first Roman emperor? ________________________Luke 2:1. Who was emperor when Jesus was born? _________________________Client of Rome who was king of the Jews from 37 – 4 BCE. ________________________Matthew 2:1. King of the Jews when Jesus was born. Define: Sanhedrin Sadducees Pharisees Synagogue Targums In the cities throughout the Roman empire there were tensions between the poor people and the rich people who exploited them. Summarize how this caused a problem among the Christians in Corinth (522, right hand column). ___________________________Apparently the most frequently read texts among
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Unformatted text preview: pagans in the Roman Empire. T F All Diaspora Jews avoided secular education because of its corrupting influences. T F Women were sometimes synagogue benefactors in the Jewish Diaspora. T F Roman officials were not content for people merely to participate in the religious rituals honoring the Roman gods and emperors; they demanded internal belief and heartfelt consent from all the people. 1 Whom did non-Christian Romans consult to get help with making decisions, predicting the future, bringing good luck and guarding against bad luck? Describe the philosophers known as Cynics. 2...
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