Week 14 AH 120

Week 14 AH 120 - Week 14 AH 120 Florence Renaissance 15th...

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Week 14 AH 120 Florence Renaissance 15 th c. Masaccio, Trinity with Donors Bottom portion: tomb stone with skeleton: - holds a medieval idea - that you should reflect on your death - idea that Mary and John are intercessors and will bring you to salvation red: what leaders of the city would have worn figures are solid and monumental with some influence from Giotto (innovation of massive forms, modeled by light and shade) stable composition holy trinity figures shows one-point linear perspective (unique to the Renaissance, learned from Brunelleschi) shows Masaccio was familiar with the style of Brunelleschi most important lesson was the space of the chapel as thought it was an extension of the space in which the viewer was standing all the of lines in the painting: orthogonals, come to one point on the surface of the painting and is called the vanishing point created the illusion of a chapel as though it were an extension of the room itself without having to build it (painted it in) Masaccio, Expulsion and Tribute Money vanishing point is behind the head of Christ→ architecture and background lead viewer to the vanishing point shows 3 different moments in time in the same scene no consistent representation of time and space possible political meaning: Florentines were required to pay taxes to raise money for war - painting may refer to this tax - justifies paying tax in Biblical terms style: similar to what we see in the trinity chapel figures are modeled with light, actual window in that chapel provides a light source shape of the figures are monumental→ Giotto influence figure of tax collector in one view has his back facing the viewer→ again Giotto influence Giotto, Masaccio and Michelangelo each looked back at the other to learn style Clean version of the painting shows that Masaccio was exceptional in showing aerial perspective→ creates a 3-D space not just through linear perspective
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Week 14 AH 120 - Week 14 AH 120 Florence Renaissance 15th...

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