Week 9 AH 120

Week 9 AH 120 - Week 9 AH 120 Ottonian Empire c 1000 Otto I...

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Week 9 AH 120 Ottonian Empire c. 1000 Otto I Otto holding a little church that he is donating to Christ Christ is sitting on what is represented as the world Otto is represented as a smaller figure next to Christ Saint Peter is shown holding the keys to Heaven Nave of Gernrode Three story elevation: arcade, gallery and clerestory gallery is also called tribune gallery similar to Carolingian basilica nave, side aisles, three part elevation mix of piers and columns Otto III, Aacehn Gospels 2 styles at work Style goes back to Carolingian style like Charles the Bald 3-D style: model of face and projection of body But the background is now all gold - style is Carolingian - but gold background is Byzantine influence Soldiers and bishops represented at the bottom the picture→ before it was just soldiers Emphasis on bishop and soldier to explain the structure of the system of the empire side figures (sub-kings: crowned) are kneeling inwards to show subordination wearing the crown and Hand of God is placing crown on head→ divine sanction surrounded by the four symbols of the evangelists Otto is holding an orb with one hand→ orb symbolizes the earth - idea that he is holding symbols of his power - arms are stretched out as though he is a cross figure - he is likened to Christ with his arms being stretched out like that - veil divides earthly and divine parts of Otto’s body oval shaped frame around him - relates his image of being like Christ - shows emperor is divine and human just like the way Christ was - human by nature and divine by the grace of god by his anointing Otto III, Gospel of Otto III totally different in style from Carolingian tradition no real sense of space Otto→ patterned drapery that seems very flat Figure on the side holding the emperor’s sword→ shows subordination Opposite side of the page - abstracted and stylized figures - movement and rhythm is shown through the way the figures are standing - all figures are labeled
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Week 9 AH 120 - Week 9 AH 120 Ottonian Empire c 1000 Otto I...

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