Week 6 - Week 6: Early Christian Art and Architecture -...

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Week 6: Early Christian Art and Architecture - subject matter is usually on Christianity - tolerated and made state religion and spreads throughout roman empire - medieval art that is pre-Constantine: before Christianity is recognized and tolerated Early Christian and Jewish Art: before the Recognition of Christianity 3 rd c. - incarnation: showing god in the flesh as Christ - church needed to stress the fact that God and Christ are the same substance - Eucharist: the last supper bread, wine (Christ’s body and blood) and fish symbols of Christ: fish indicates Eucharistic meal - Christianity begins in Palestine but spreads to Asia Minor and Rome - Paul is recognized as a martyr depicted as bald - People saw Christianity as a mystery cult had rites such as baptism etc - Christians face east toward to rising sun because people thought that’s where Jesus would rise - Baptism was done by John the Baptist Torah niche Synagogue built within a private home contains niche to house the torah scrolls Scenes from Jewish history cover the walls story of Moses unfolds in a continuous narrative around the room Uses Roman tradition of historical representation Also uses Near Eastern Art: frontal poses, strong outlines, and flat colors Several houses were remodeled to create this into a community center Place for scriptural readings, prayer, and discussion of the Torah No logical connection chronologically on wall images Scenes show attacks from Jewish enemies Crossing of Red Sea Moses taking Israelites away from Egyptians Shows Moses parting the red sea moment when Israelites are being delivered Style: Roman painting style Moses is wearing a toga, this is from Rome Figures are simple, there is some focus on weight distribution, painted schematically message is more important than a naturalistic rendition, not going to focus so much on the figures Very early example of imagery Meant to inspire people to believe in this faith and send the message that God will protect them in the future Baptistry Use tempera paint on dry plaster, paint will not stay very well Font- comes from the word fountain, shows that this has something to do with Baptism
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Week 6 - Week 6: Early Christian Art and Architecture -...

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