Week 10 AH 120

Week 10 AH 120 - Week 10 AH 120 Early Gothic c.1150 Suger...

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Week 10 AH 120 Early Gothic c.1150 Suger is the Abbot of St. Denis Comes from lower classes→ becomes very powerful Benedictine Abbey Windows are larger Ambulatory Chapels that merge with one another→ bring in as much light into the center to the choir as much as possible Support is thinner = greater space→ more spacious Suger wanted to create light-filled space→ mosaic windows Views on light→ bring worshipper closer to god - justification for using rich objects - lights reflects off of them - consumption is for God→ this type of decoration for churches is justified idea that radiant light relates to divinity wanted to emphasize open, flowing space West Façade St. Denis was the model for Chartres 3 doors at the entrance→ Royal Portal - center tympanum shows Christ enthroned by majesty - on the right: Mary and the Christ Child→ Nativity story - left: Ascension Column statues at the sides of the doors - elongated proportions, vertical drapery - figures fit the column shape Use of Gothic characteristics of pointed arches and ribbed groin vaults from compound piers over rectangular bays Statue columns Statue Columns: queens, kings, prophets→ ancestors of Christ - figures are elongated - rounder faces→ more natural effect, drapery - weight is not supported Revelation 4 figure of Christ is more 3-d→ projects into space on the lentil, there is shown the 12 apostles→ gives an element of judgment - added meaning of judgment - presence of those 12 figures anticipate a Last Judgment Christ surrounded by 4 evangelist Typical of Gothic art is the meaning vs. the actual art
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Incarnation and Liberal Arts Shows the birth of Christ hidden meaning is the emphasis of his flesh Shows the birth with the manger Shows the annunciation that Mary will give birth to Christ Christ is recognized as the messiah Divided into bands/ registers Christ is God’s wisdom made flesh→ top register is Mary holding the baby
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Week 10 AH 120 - Week 10 AH 120 Early Gothic c.1150 Suger...

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