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Week 11 AH 120

Week 11 AH 120 - Week 11 AH 120 Late Gothic and...

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Week 11 AH 120 Late Gothic and Proto-Renaissance 1300 France Virgin and Child Made for the queen of France Used for personal devotions before donating it to the church Reliquary containing some hair of the Virgin Style: international style, can be related to the smiling angel - deep v-shape in drapery - shows emotion towards the child she holds on the box at the bottom is images of the Passion of Christ - images of the death of Christ - that he died for mankind’s sins virgin is standing in S-curve pose→ stylistic signature of this time portrays an ideally beautiful mother statue shows support of weight Jean Pucelle, Betrayal and Annunciation Instead of the use of intense colors, technique of grisaille is used - only some color is added in delicate touches Pages show a narrative juxtaposing scenes from the Infancy and the Passion of Christ→ also known as Joys and Sorrows of the Virgin - “joy” of the Annunciation - “sorrows” of the Betrayal and the Arrest of Christ - 2 scenes are paired next to each other Annunciation: - Mary receives archangel Gabriel in her home with angles looking down from the windows - Queen is shown in the initial on the same page Pages come from a Book of Hours Betrayal: - traitorous Judas embraces Jesus to identify Him to the soldiers for arrest - lower scene is a spoof to make a comment on the lack of valor of the soldiers arresting Jesus Pages have sculptural style: softly modeled, voluminous drapery, tall and elegantly curved figures Typical style to have the person who the book belongs to being represented in the pages Book of hours is a text used to teach believers on how to observe each hour of the day in terms of their prayers - teaches them how to pray at every hour - very popular books→ also used to teach children how to read - taught person how to meditate for each hour
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the text gives the reader what they are to say→ written in Latin
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