CCGL9007 CourseOutline 2016-2017 FINAL - THE UNIVERSITY OF HONG KONG Department of Social Work and Social Administration CCGL9007 Youth in a Global

CCGL9007 CourseOutline 2016-2017 FINAL - THE UNIVERSITY OF...

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1 THE UNIVERSITY OF HONG KONG Department of Social Work and Social Administration CCGL9007 Youth in a Global World COURSE OUTLINE Academic Year: 2016 / 2017 Course Coordinator Name: Dr. Ben LAW Office: Rm 554, Jockey Club Tower, Centennial Campus Tel: 3917 2087 Email: [email protected] Course Tutors Name: Ms. Carol CHAN Tel: 3917 5959 Email: [email protected] Name: Ms. Cherry Cheng Tel: 3917 5015 Email: [email protected] Basic Course Information 1. Enrolment Information: Common Core for UG students 2. Number of credits: 6 3. Enrolment Quota: 120 4. Contact Hours: 2 hrs x 11 sessions lectures (12:30 – 14:20 at CPD LG08); 2 hrs x 4 sessions OR 2-hr + 6-hr session X1 tutorials 5. Duration of Course: Single Semester 6. Required Pre-requisites: NA 7. Course Description: This course intends to facilitate students as ‘young people’ to be more aware of the interconnectedness of the world and to critically assess how globalization influences different aspects of young people’s daily lives. It also analyzes the proactive and positive role youth can play in the changing world, and provides students with an opportunity to propose what young people as global citizens can and should respond to transformations brought about by globalization. Various social issues that confront young people in their everyday life will be examined in a systematic manner. By doing so, students will critically evaluate what global citizenship should entail in order to reduce inequality and promote care for human rights as well as human dignity in today’s global community. 8. Course Objectives 1. To understand theories related to youth development Theories provide perspectives in understanding young people’s lives. Notable theories include psychodynamic, human development, social learning and behavioral perspectives and youth sub-cultures. 2. To understand significant changes related to youth in the world Youth is defined from various perspectives, including as biological beings, young people as psychological beings, young people as social beings, young people as political beings, and young people as bio-psycho-social-political beings. Physical changes, families, schools, peers and social worlds are the focal points for this course. 3. To critically appraise impact of globalization to youth Young people are now influenced by the phenomenon ‘globalization’ because of the advancement of new technologies, increased media streams, easier travel, and free flow of markets, capital and products. Youth identities and lifestyles have transformed because of the global forces. 9. Attendance Requirement : 80% for lectures and 100% for Tutorials 10. Assessment Ratio: 100% Coursework and 0% Examination
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