Bibmeography - Medical Journal 22 Sep 2003 Nutrition Health Review2 5"More Americans Agree Animal Testing is Wrong" Good Medicine 23 6

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Works Cited 1. "ALL FOR ANIMALS - Animal Testing Alternatives." ALL FOR ANIMALS - Home Page . 9 Mar. 2008 <>. 2. "Draize Eye Irritancy Test Factsheet: What it is and Alternatives." GEARI, Animal Rights Information Research, Animal Testing, Companies Test on Animals, Experimentation, Alternatives, Books, Websites, Cruelty Free, Organizations . 9 Mar. 2008 <>. 3. Goldberg, Alan, and Thomas Hartung. "Protecting More Than Animals." Scientific American , 294: 84. 4. Gorman, Gail. "Congratulations, Madame, The Rabbit is Dead." Consumer's
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Unformatted text preview: Medical Journal 22 Sep. 2003: Nutrition Health Review2. 5. "More Americans Agree: Animal Testing is Wrong." Good Medicine : 23. 6. Pratt, Dallas. Alternatives To Pain In Experiments On Animals . New York: Argus Archives, 1980. 7. "Pro-Test: standing up for science." Pro-Test: standing up for science . 11 Mar. 2008 <>. 8. Siegel-Maier, Karyn. "Guilt-free beauty." Better Nutrition , 63: 50. 9. "The Truth About Vivisection." The Truth About Vivisection - In Defense of Animals . 9 Mar. 2008 <>....
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