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first peer response - appeal to What evidence does the...

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1 Writing 122 / Lamb / Winter 2008 / PEER RESPONSE LETTER, due January 29 This assignment is a chance for you to respond in writing to your partner’s Without-Research Argument. Somewhere in your letter, you might touch on the following questions: Who do you see as the audience for this paper? What is the purpose? When I read Katie’s paper, it seemed to me that she was mainly speaking to the taxpayers and parents of the children who attend public schools. I also found that the purpose of her argument was to grab the attention of her audience so that changes in the school system can be made to help better the education that children receive in public schools. What shared values does the writer assume? What claims are made? The claims that are being made by her are that the public school system is based on money and not the needs of the students. She also claims that school staff and school district officials are just in it for the money. How does the writer establish his/her credibility? What authorities does the writer
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Unformatted text preview: appeal to? What evidence does the writer use to support claims (facts, anecdotes, comparisons, images, emotional appeals, etc.)? Her last paragraph is about how her mother is a teacher who teaches 6 classes, all of which have very high teacher to student ratios. She that there is no way the students are getting the amount of attention they need and deserve to be learning. What does the writer ignore or perhaps evade? What questions do you have after reading this paper? What was especially strong about this paper? I feel that the message that she is trying to relay was very p What was less clear or effective? Was there a place where you felt lost or confused? When I first started reading the paper I thought it would be about negative punishment in school, so when she started talking about how education in public schools isn’t that effective, I was a little confused....
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first peer response - appeal to What evidence does the...

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