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Why Write - Katherine Reese Lamb Why Write Why Write The...

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Katherine Reese Lamb March 17 , 2008 Why Write? Why Write? The answer to this question seems pretty simple , but then you may get to thinking about it and you start compiling this long list of reasons why we as human beings must write . There doesn’t seem to be one right or wrong answer to this question . Each person has his or her own reasons for writing or for why we all write . We write to tell stories , to record history and so that maybe future generations will learn from at least some of the mistakes that have been made in the past . Writing helps get our imaginations flowing and is useful as a means of entertainment . We write to release our emotions and thoughts from the crowded, busy corners of our minds . Writing is there to help us comprehend what we’re thinking , learning and even teaching . Writing can help you vent your anger , talk about your sadness or tell someone how happy you are . We write for classes , jobs , friends and family .
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