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Daniel Lau EE295 HW#1 In the article “The Engineering Project: Its Nature, Ethics and Promise”, the author first explained how engineering lifts burden and bring disengagement. Then the concept of focal product, products which have engaging character, is introduced. In terms of electrical engineering, I agree to what it says. In electronics field, a lot of the end products are in the group of consumer electronics. They range from a variety of products such as television, radio, camera, video games. Etc. Most of them can be focal or non-focal. For example, television can bring the world closer together by news broadcasting, it can also entertain individuals who are tired from work. However, it can also be easily addicted by kids, make them discarding schoolwork and participating in social activities, which are important to their personal development. After this, the passage turned to discuss about how to assess engineered products. In
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Unformatted text preview: the industry, one of the most important criteria to inspect is revenue generated or profits. Quality is also another thing that both consumer and vendor will look into. However, I agree that besides technical assessment, ethical assessment is also needed. Recently when I go to large electronics store, I saw playstations, video games are all over the store and they seem to be very welcomed. With unbelievably high quality graphics and real motions, these are terrific products in a technical perspective. However, there are violent games around, which will corrupt a little kid’s mind and have bad influence on them. I believe they also contribute to social violence in a certain extent. These are products that have bad ethical assessment. In conclusion, engineers should focus on producing focal products, which will help humans develop a better world to live in....
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