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HW2 - example questions behind the textbooks will ask “If...

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Daniel Lau SID: 0052999776 EE 295 HW#2 Langdon Winner’s article “Engineering Ethics and Political Imagination” is a very good article that addresses the root cause of bad ethics in the engineering field. He emphasized that the phenomenon of power is what caused engineering ethics education in failing to give students a good ethical foundation. Education, or even an engineering course, often focuses on right or wrong of an issue. However, those are only a particular case that is considered, and they are not useful in helping students think. In order to develop students to have a good ethical sense, questions such as “What are the fundamental ends of a life invested in this line of work? What is the purpose of developing my skills in this direction in the first place?” have to be asked and thought about. I think this is a good point. Nowadays, a lot of textbooks taught concepts in between the lines of theories, which will have bad effects on students’ ethical sense. For
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Unformatted text preview: example, questions behind the textbooks will ask “If you are droping a bomb from the sky” or “How to make this poison” etc, and after some time, students will think that these are practical issues and they think that making bomb and poison is not as bad. These can be avoided unless they can answer the 2 questions clearly and in a good way, so that they have a clear ethical sense. Another point made by the author that I like is the focus on “why” instead of “how”. Engineers are always thinking about how, for example how to make this circuit, product etc. However, seldom question “why” are those made. For example, video games nowadays are getting more exciting and real. Engineers and programmers are pushing to produce the best graphics and motions ever. However, besides of money, did they think why this is needed? It seems like they did not think about the bad effects that it will bring to the children and the society....
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