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Daniel Lau SID: 005299776 HW#5 In this article “The Concept of Sustainable Development”, the author mentioned two main points. First one is that, since Christians and probably more general people have not seen the return of Christ yet, they become to be more focused on the spiritual life in the present. Also, a lot of people tend to criticize the spiritual life approach, and they trust in controlling the nature by means of power, which leads to a lot of scientific research focusing on the “theory to reality”. They wanted to analyze the beginning of the universe, how humans evolve etc. through equations and theories. However, usually the more they find, the more confusing they get because nature is too complicated to be analyzed by humans. And a lot of the scientist eventually agreed that there must be a god behind the creation of the universe. I think that god actually exists but also we have to be
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Unformatted text preview: glad that scientist tried so hard to find the truth. Without them, our science and technology will not be as advanced as today. However, this advance in technology will not be indefinitely. In the past few centuries, the technology had advanced in an exponential way. However, we cannot expect that to happen in the coming ages since everything will have a limit. If we try to force technology to advance continually at a high speed, our environment may be sacrificed. For example, transportation such as cars, trains and planes have made a lot of us travel a lot more easily in the past decades. However, if we continue to build more trains, cars etc. just to satisfy our unlimited wants, too many cars may run on the road to produce toxic gases, trees may have to be cut down to build trains tracks. Hence I cannot agree more on the idea of Sustainable growth....
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