Hw6 - can analyze the potential problem such as harm to the public from the product Not even the CEO or VP will be able to know this if the

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Daniel Lau SID: 005299776 HW#6 In the article “The Public Health, Safety and Welfare: An Analysis of the Social Responsibility of Engineers”, the author, McFarland, bring out a shocking news which mentioned a woman being mugged and killed in front of a crowd of neighbors. This brings out the question: Why no one stopped the murderers? What is stopping the neighbor from doing something like calling the police? From this, McFarland brings out that engineers should realize that they have social responsibilities. In order for engineers to realize the obligations that they bear, four factors are needed, they are critical need, proximity, ability to help and absence of other help. Out of these four, I think the second one is the most important. Since engineers are often linked with innovations, the tasks that they are involved with consist of mostly design and problem solving. In order to perform these tasks, they have to know the product from the top to the bottom. Hence, they are the only one who
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Unformatted text preview: can analyze the potential problem such as harm to the public from the product. Not even the CEO or VP will be able to know this if the engineers decided to hide them. Hence, first step is to have them able to realize and speak out if there are any potential problems. Then comes the third point, where they need the ability to help without damaging their own life. The author gave an example which mentioned Peter Faulkner, system engineer in Nuclear Services Corp, voiced out safety concerns about the company to the public. Afterwards, he cannot get a job even with 67 applications. I think that this situation is hard to prevent since a company would not want to take the risk of hiring an employee who may criticize them to the public. However, the society should show more appreciation to these people who sacrificed their own good for the society. If these 2 points can be solved, I think the Social Health will be much better with much less risk....
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