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Stepping into the modern engineering era, ways of engineering changed significantly. With the complexity brought into the engineering world, engineering ethics has never been as important as today. Issues in the ethical world range from personal issues such as health and safety, to macro problems such as environmental issues. By mastering Engineering Ethics, engineers are more aware of the ethical code that they have to follow, and hence be able to resolve dilemmas efficiently and accurately. Problems in the engineering world come personally, socially and globally as these could be grouped into the study of Virtue Ethics, Process Ethics and Material Ethics. Virtue ethics is sometimes called the Moral Ethics since it explores how and engineer can be good in a moral sense. Process Ethics is also called Conceptual Ethics, and it aims at how to conduct a good engineering process. Third is the Material Ethics, and it questions to how the engineer can make good products in order to contribute the society the most. First, I will discuss about Process Ethics and “Incident at Morales” video will be a main
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