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BUS10 7-27-06

BUS10 7-27-06 - Brand management – Marketing research...

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Exams: Mass customization – add ons or take aways to create different product Operations management, production management – part of the firm which create part utility. Services – Operations management Quality Six sigma quality SPC, SQC – statistical techniques that have to do with measuring quality Branding + positioning Example: CARS: BMW owns mini-cooper Toyota owns Lexus Japanese top line car is German cars: BMW, Mercedes since they are luxury car Teaser campaign – when you do not know what it is. Does not tell u what they are. Retail stores have to choose where they want to be in the market space in the category that they care GAP owns 2 other stores, banana republic and OLD NAVY. Banana republic is higher end, upscale up market, more fashion, more fabric, fancier applications and more expensive. GAP is the middle tier and OLD NAVY is the base grade. OLD NAVY is having trouble, re-merchandising the store. They will have higher end products. (In Fall). GAP does not like that
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Unformatted text preview: Brand management – Marketing research Every product category has a trade association and it has national conventions Secondary data – data that someone already created. Magazine – American Demographics Information category- Quality – focus group – great in depth information and always videotaped, real people saying how they feel. Quantity – The results are projectable to the population at large. Very hard to do a nationwide survey. Product classes Consumer products can be classified as: Convinience product : Goods which consumers want before they are willing to make. Need to put it everywhere. Strategy for winning is to get them everywhere Shopping products : Willing to make a greater shopping effort. Consumer elec. . a) Homo - whole class is big enough so distinguish by price. b) Hetero – marketers have differentiated. Specially products : Will only shop for that brand and will not buy others. They are special. Make the effort to get that product....
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BUS10 7-27-06 - Brand management – Marketing research...

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