BUS10 8-3-06 - WalMart EDLP Everyday low price On the exam...

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Selling eyeballs: Televisions: Nielson rating system, 10000 people agree to be monitored of that they watch.Diaries is for monitoring who is really watching. Advertising budget: 85%: media cost Reach (how many market are we advertising in, eyeballs are we looking for, by geography.) Frequency: How many exposurses per period. AKLPCP Continuity: in what pattern within the year. creative impact: units of time, units of space. 15%: Agency cost Traditional space time = CPM = (cost of ad/#of viewers) *1000 Google sells pay per click. Cost of one click is 50cents/click. No charge to put the ad on there. Pricing: Pricing is “administered”. Prices are set consciously by management Pricing is “sticky” Things that can change buyers: Terms and Freight P.O. 300 wedgets @ 79.00 Terms Net30 Orders are not sales! 2/10 Net30: 2% discount if you pay in 30 days. FOB: Free on Board – tell who will do the freight.
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Unformatted text preview: WalMart- EDLP Everyday low price. On the exam: 18, 19 and 20. Composite of chp. 7, 8 and 10 Chpater 10: Hawthorn experiment?? Accounting a lot like Finance. Managerial accounting takes those reports and helps managers in firms, internal to the firm. Financial accounting: To people who are interested in the firm but outside the firm. For example stockholders, suppliers. Tax accounting: Audit: Auditors check all the accounting. Can be externals. Finance is about getting sufficient funds for the cooperation to operation. And controlling the expenditure of those funds in various funds in those firms (budgeting). Keep as much of the resources as they can. Dollar in: Stock and Debt(bonds) operating period keep as much as possible by minimizing tax. Control by 1) Budgeting 2) AP or AR AR – money recived from customer AP...
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BUS10 8-3-06 - WalMart EDLP Everyday low price On the exam...

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