course gender 4 - 1. A) Identification Theory- This theory...

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1. A) Identification Theory- This theory explains that in the first two stages of a child’s life, gender identification is mostly neutral with the focus of the child’s emotions mostly fall on their mother. In the third stage however, Freud explains that children become aware of their differences regarding sex. They become aware of their genitals and seek the approval and mimic the same sex parent. Freud also calls upon the idea that both boys and girls have different yet strong feelings about male’s (especially their father’s) genitals and this cultivates their ideas of sexual identification. I have some serious problems with this theory mostly based on personal experience. I was raised an only child by my grandparents. I had no identification until much later in life (preteens) that men had a different body composition than women. I definitely didn’t have “penis envy”, because I didn’t have any concept of a penis at all. I also had an extreme need for emotional reassurance from my grandfather since I first recall. I viewed him as more relatable and someone I often tried to mimic even at a very young age. With all the different styles and arrangements of families today, I find that this theory has to have proven stagnant. I can think of so many examples in friends and family that makes me to think this theory questionable. B) Social Learning Theory - This theory calls upon the idea of behaviorism. Children identify their gender after being rewarded for gender appropriate behavior and punished for non gender appropriate behavior. It also states that children identify gender through modeling or imitating people around them. They tend to model after people they view to be most like them, which typically means same sex. I find few critiques with this theory as it seems very plausible to me. However there are some gray areas as
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course gender 4 - 1. A) Identification Theory- This theory...

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