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course gender 3 - of lesbians Lesbians in the media are...

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What is one social problem you see that stems from gender inequality? Explain this problem by addressing the specific ways in which you believe certain groups are hurt by inequality. You may use examples you have observed in your own or others’ lives. How would you suggest alleviating this problem? With which perspective covered in this lesson are your ideas most consistent? I believe that much of the social stigma of being a male homosexual among the secular crowd comes from a negative view of feminine qualities. There is a desire to not have the femininity of being attracted to a man affiliated with the male sex. An example that convinces me that there is merit to this idea is the perceived reputation
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Unformatted text preview: of lesbians. Lesbians in the media are viewed as fun loving and sexy women. Their masculine quality of being attracted to women is not a negative for the public. This tells me that there is an unequal level of social acceptance towards masculinity as apposed to femininity because of how each are viewed. The male homosexual community is greatly hurt by this. People need to be educated, learning that female characteristics are to be respected and that they are in no way inferior or to be viewed as weak. Chapter 1, "Studying Gender: An Overview, pages 1–29...
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